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Welcome to the Information Site on Namibian Evangelists

This Web Site is dedicated to the Evangelists of Namibia – the Namibian co-workers of the Rhenish missionaries of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Evangelists were a special breed of people. They have actively shaped the history of Namibia over the last 200 years. They were previously shrouded in the darkness of history, because their contemporary companions namely the German missionaries, who themselves liked to be in the spotlight, had kept them hidden in their reports. But it is also due to the low level of interest that scientific research has shown them so far.

This Web Site collects the individual life stories of Namibian Evangelists, analyses their day-to-day strategies and describes how they influenced the various historical phases of Namibia between 1820 and 1990. The aim of this Web Site is to give the Evangelists of Namibia a profile, to trace their exciting portraits and thus to help to differentiate the view of the history of Namibia.