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Hans Martin Milk

"For the Power and Glory"

Die Lebensgeschichte des Makaranga. Kavango/Namibia.

Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. Köln, 2004. 201 p.

ISBN 3-89645-451-X

(€ 19,80)

A Kavango proverb says: " A sharp tongue can strike harder than a stick". This motto charactereiczes the way of Makaranga - a man who was able to develop from a young transportation worker into a mighty and respected administration officer through his manifold profiniency in languages and constant positional changes. Makaranga was a wanderer between the borders of language, culture, tradition and political courses. That is what today makes him that modern and interesting.

The present story of Makaranga testifies a lived diversity and comletely breaks with the ideo of the ethnically anchored African on the one hand and the African lost between tradition and modernity on the other.

This is the story of Makaranga´s life as it can be traced through the many small hints foun din official files, stories told by the Kavango people and missionary notes. These different contributions result in a complete potrait of a man who over 40 years of Kavango history translated countless official instructions, governmental threats, judicial prodeedings and solemn speeches - without ever having written anything personal about himself.





Okavango River. The flow of a Lifeline.
John Mendelsohn & Selma el Obeid. Struik Publishers.
Cape Town, 2004. 176 S. ISBN 1-86872-963-X.
[N$ 195,-].

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